• Fast Passage to Grand Cayman

    Sunday morning December 10th, 2017 we left Aruba for Grand Cayman, and arrived Sunday December 17th, with a weather stop in Jamaica, all in about 830 nm in 6 days.

    Side Mount

    Woot! Some downwind sailing!

  • Cayman Sail Plan

    It is no longer clear that we will have time to visit Ile a Vache. Perhaps we will wave at it ala Cap’n Sparrow.

    I thought I would share a bit about of passage planning before we take off Sunday morning. We ended up being delayed here in Aruba waiting for a replacement Xantrax inverter/charger. Tragically, in a rush, when one crew member went to fetch something for another crew member before we left for shore leave we left a hatch open. Then it rained, and the rain found its way through a bunk and fried the battery voltage sensing control board. Obviously, not a warranty item. A few boat units of sigh. Anyways, we got the new inverter/charger and after investigating our options on getting the old one repaired, we decided that Auckland, New Zealand makes much more sense than expensive shipping of the broken 60 pound unit. New Zealand a year from now!

    Side Mount

    Possible Routes

  • One-Year Anniversary Aboard Ad Astra

    It is 6 am, and before anyone else woke up, I wanted to write this note to think over the last year of adventure together. There is a minor tropical wave rolling by overhead with grey sullen skies, winds gusting in the high 20s, rain and thunder. Drinking my cold-brew iced coffee and with RUSH playing it is the perfect mood to reflect. A year ago our home was Austin.
  • Dock Lines are Strong

    Dock Lines are Strong The afternoon meeting is going on way too long. The meeting was bullshit before it started, and now it is only more ripe bullshit. Your laptop is open, checking on facebook to get through the meeting; a friend of yours is posting amazing travel photos from something tropical. You are having a hard time concentrating on the director-of-nothing’s extortions. You are looking at sails full of wind.