• Los Angeles - Scar

    Driving down the 405 just past LAX, I spin the dial to 106.7 and turn up the volume, and boom - Scar by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A perfect welcome back to my hometown. I am on a quick two week trip from the Rio Dulce to Los Angeles and Austin to execute a bunch of errands (laptop repair, voting, driver’s license renewel, etc) and to catch up with friends and family.
  • White Mangos

    It is sometime after six in the morning and I waived Kaiwen and Sue Quei off on their adventure to Gautemala City guided by the owner of Dreamcatchers, so it will be just us boys on the boat until the end of the week. Kaiwen did a large provisioning run for us yesterday, so we have everything we need to stay focused on our work on Million on Mars.

    Picked up breakfast - literally

    Picked up breakfast - literally

    With my cold brewed coffee I walked barefoot across the rain soaked grass of the Nana Juana resort. I am hunting for white mangos! You have to be up early to win this Easter egg contest, as the other cruisers and grounds keepers all are eager to be up early when the day is pleasently cool.

    White mangos are like the other mangos you get in the store, but usually a little smaller and in my opinion a little sweeter. The property has four mature trees and after just 10 minutes of wlaking around the trees encrusted with wild orchids I am richer by nine mangos!

  • Homeshooling

    Max’s thoughts on homeschooling

    Max loves all the creatures - and they love him

    Max loves all the creatures - and they love him

    How we handle each subject is different from public school systems, we teach math and logic through programming and well, programming by programming. For English, history, and other languages we sail around on our boat meeting new people and visiting new countries. I’ve picked up a bit of French and Spanish as we sailed around.

  • Ahoy mates!

    Ad Astra is wrapping up her stay in fabulous Bonaire. We are heading to the Cayman for the winter holidays. Along the way to the Caymans, we will stop in Curacao, Aruba – and most exciting – Île-à-Vache! That is right – Ad Astra is going to stop in at Captain Morgan’s old base: We are doing private sailing and diving charters. We are doing this as a low-key way to share our adventures with friends and cool people recommended by our friends.