Creating the new Ad Astra website

I never really liked wordpress. First, it feels like old-tech (because it is ancient), and second good folks have kept trying to make it better and now it feels like a huge pile of slow jello (lots and lots of javascript).

Web tech sure has changed...

Web tech sure has changed...

I really like our hosting provider dreamhost and they have these slick 1-click installs for setting up a wordpress site. That works well enough, but editing wordpress sucks. You either have the clunky WYSIWYG editor or their clunky text editor. And the file uploads only works about 40% of the time.

The reusult was taht over time, I was posting fewer and fewer updates to our site. Meanwhile on facebook the feed alorithm continues to be dominated by clickbait. As a natural task for our new game that we are building I needed to create a new webiste for the game.

So it was time to get up to speed and learn the latest in website tech. From my research I settled on going with a static website generated by hugo. It is so much more fun and quick to be able to edit locally in sublime (insert your favorite text editor) and flick some fingers and see it rendering on a localhost in your browser. Tweak, add, pop images around as easy as moving images around on your local files system. Then when you the changes you want, push to a github repository for safe keeping.

And then it goes supercool in terms of deploying and hosting, now with all of teh cloud computing options available now - I chose netlify. With netlify it automagically watches my github repsoitory where I have the website and will instantly grab the changes and re-build my site. For a typical edit that means I can work in pure keyboard on my laptop, squirt off my git commands and 15-20 seconds later my changes are live on the internet!

This makes it sexy and addictive to add more content. You can bet you will be seeing a lot more updates from me!