Provisioning is like a RPG quest chain

This devil sold me a baguette, a yummy cheese & ham croissant, and a regular croissant for just €3.90.

After completing my morning quest chain, I opened the reward chest and this is what I received!

  • €20 – 1 liter of smooth, brown sipping Rum
  • €10 – 6 fresh Mahi steaks
  • €12 – A head of fresh lettuce, 4 tomatoes, 1 mango, 2 tasty cantaloupes
  • €5 – 4 carrots, green onions, 2 oranges
  • €3.90 – 1 baguette, 1 cheesy & ham croissant, 1 plain croissant
  • €6 – nice bag of fresh black pepper & 2 different seasoning bags
  • €57 – Total for all of that fresh bounty!

It is a lot of fun taking the dinghy to shore, and checking out what all of the artisans have for sale.

First, I went to the fish market, here in St. Anne it is simply open when they have fish. Last time I was there they had beautiful tuna. Today they had huge Mahi for sale. So I scooped up 6 steaks and a tail for 10 euros.

Next it was off to the farmer’s market. There I got all of the fresh veggies and the spices. I am particularly fond of fresh ground black pepper on my food. They are also too pleased to share with you their dozens of varieties of local high-octane punches. Why not?

Then back to the bakery where in Carnival spirit they have been dressing up differently every day now. Today, I tried a super yummy croissant that had crispy cheese on the outside, and warm soft cheese inside around the ham. Great breakfast.

Finally, stopped by the mini market to lay down 20 euros to get a whole freaking liter of aged, warm sipping rum.

Martinique makes it so easy to live…