Sunday morning December 10th, 2017 we left Aruba for Grand Cayman, and arrived Sunday December 17th, with a weather stop in Jamaica, all in about 830 nm in 6 days.

Side Mount

Woot! Some downwind sailing!

Friday the 15th, in the afternoon as we sailed the northern coast of Jamaica, Kaiwen and I had a great long rolling conversation about Cuba, Yucatan, Panama, South America and on to the Pacific. Bright blue skies, puffy white clouds over the mountains of Jamaica, skipping along at 7.5+ kts. Really could not have been a better sail. We were sitting up on the flybridge lounging cushions with the shade from the great green genekkar and all of our sailing guides spread about us.

Saturday we made Ad Astra’s speed record by far – 13! kts on a broad reach under about 25 kts of wind and just the great genekkar. Kyle and Max roused me from my off-watch and we doused the genekkar, and raised the main to the 2nd reef and the genoa to the 1st reef and were still making 7.7 kts after the reefing.

Sunday morning at 04:30, Pink Floyd playing on my laptop, sipping iced coffee from the Blue Mountain of Jamaica, flying along with 2nd reef in the main, full genoa doing 7+ kts in 12,000+ft of water, 2m+ following waves and I can clearly see hundreds of individual lights on Grand Cayman 5 nm to starboard. Everyone has been taking their watches without complaint, and we have had a very fast sail with just one period of motoring out of the lee of the great mountains of Jamaica.

A great sail by the whole family. Kaiwen and Kyle both cooked multiple hot meals underway and everyone was in bright spirits after the first couple of days of motion-induced bleh.