June 2018 with my Dad having fun with Kyle and Max at Coba, Yucatan

June 2018 with my Dad having fun with Kyle and Max at Coba, Yucatan

We have not spoken about it publically, but my wonderful, warm father is fighting for his life against fucking cancer. His prognosis is grim, we are racing Ad Astra to get her to a safe port and marina so that we can tie her up and all go see my Dad and spend some time with him.

All of us have to go through this with our loved ones. My heart breaks for my Dad, he is so in love with life and loved his work, and is getting more and more requests for his work to be brought to other institutions. He is so much fun, so thoughtful and full of love for me, Kyle and Max, and Kaiwen is heart broken as she knows my dad just 12 hours less than she knows me.

I am grateful that we have had so many great adventures together - the beaches of Venice, Santa Monica, Topanga, Pt Mugo, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, France, the West Indies and Mexico. He has been such a cool grandfather and have inspired them both in many ways.

Fuck. Cancer is bullshit.

This is our toughest passage yet. 700 nm offshore, with 300 nm of easting into the tradewinds, then a 400 nm reach or run south to Panama.

our route to Panama - giving a wide bearth to the pirates

our route to Panama - giving a wide bearth to the pirates

We are buddy boating with SV Maple, and they have been a huge help for us already - with critical parts to get our fresh water system up and running again.

The real reason we are together is for a bit more safety in numbers as there is significant (and violent) pirate boardings that occur on the shallow banks off of the coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua.

I have re-activated our inReach Delorme so that people will be able to see our progress.

Follow us on our satellite tracker here…

We have a very good weather window – arguably perfect window, for this 700 nm passage beginning on mid-day December 8th. The winds and waves begin to die down from strong easterly trade winds on the 8th, and continue to abate through the 9th, and are dead still on the 10th.

These 2-3 days of calm weather is what we need to motor into the wind at 5 knots x 24 hours a day for 54 hours to make 270 nm (120 + 120 + 30) of easting before a strong northerner is due on November 11th.

This strong northerner is great, because we will then have strong winds from behind us and we will be able to do a broad reach – our fastest point of sail. Perhaps we will be able to average 7 knots on this south leg of 400 nm for 60 hours. So all in, perhaps 114 hours of passage making – call it 120 hours – and we could/should be in Bocas del Toro, Panama by the 13th.

We will pay for an agent to accelerate our immigration and customs procedure and then take a ferry to Costa Rica, a bus to San Jose, Costa Rica, and then a direct flight back to LAX by the 15th.