The crew was very excited to head up the Rio Dulce and all spontaneously were awake and ready to go by 0600. Livingston is a high-energy party frontier town with the fishing fleet coming and going 24x7 and seemingly endless firecrackers at 0400.

We weighed anchor and immediately felt like we travelled back in time. On either side of the bank were amazingly cool, but rusted out riverfront enterprises from the mid 20th century.

For the first time I did a facebook live video event as we started up between the 300 foot tall jungle covered limestone cliffs on either side of us.

The Fishing Fleet of Livingston

The Fishing Fleet of Livingston

The first challenge was getting under the electrical cables across the water, we made it of course, but from the perspective on deck it was a matter of faith.

Next we had some excitement when I saw what I thought was some sort of river snake crossing the river, and then realized they were otters!

Kyle hand steered Ad Astra with confidence and only once we grazed the bottom nearly at the end of the journey.

All up and down the river there were modest palapas to grand manshions with their covered boat houses.

We were told the Dulce is a great cruising ground, but you really have to travel the fours hours to understand just how big this place is - you could anchor in a different spot every night for probably a year.

Riverfront Communities of the Dulce

Riverfront Communities of the Dulce

We tied up at Nana Juana Marina based on them having the warmest electronic welcome to us, as well as hearing that there were other teenaged kids based in that marina.

For $300 a month, we get pretty decent WIFI, unlimited water, metered power (don’t need it), and a nice resort-quality large pool and restaurant complex under very tall mature tropical and pine trees keeping it nice and shady.