Planning our Passage to the Rio Dulce

Ad Astra will spend the hurricane season tucked up the Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Tarzan's Original Location

Tarzan's Original Location


After consulting with local cruisers we have decided on these stops on the way to Livingston:

Checking out of Mexico in Cozumel

  • Jan 20 - 24(?)
  • Head 82° for 18nm
  • N 20° 31.7’
  • W 86° 56.5’

Chinchorro Bank

  • 2 nights
  • Head 191° for 110nm
  • N 18° 46.17’
  • W 87° 19.08’
  • Head 132° to the lighthouse

Half-moon Key

  • 1 night?
  • 20 nm to clear Chinchirro Reef then
  • Head 187° for 80nm, total 100 nm for passage
  • N 17° 16.1’
  • W 87° 31.1’

Tobacco Key

  • 1 night?
  • Head 244° for 38nm
  • N 16° 52.6’
  • W 88° 3.1’

Hatchet ($10 for WIFI)

  • 1 night?
  • Windy daylight path through the shallows
  • Head roughly SW for 31nm
  • N 16° 28.1’
  • W 88° 4.1’


  • 2 nights?
  • Head basically 226° for 60nm
  • N 15° 49.9’
  • W 88° 43.9’

Pre-Sail Checklist Open

  • Erik Organize Nav table
  • Main Sail- check the main sail for no HOLES ( pull it up to check the main sail to make sure no bird nest)
  • check genoa sail for no holes
  • Water maker- test water maker, make sure the filter is clean.
  • Pick up swimming ladder

Cozumel Tasks Open

  • Checkout in Cozumel
  • Full bottom scrub in Cozumel
  • Refill the SCUBA tanks after the bottom scrub
  • Pre-cook for 3-4 days of passage
  • Clean galley

Open Boat Tasks - Guatemala

  • O install AC on a proper shelf
  • O clean solar panels
  • Erik fix nav stool
  • Max install cloud drive / RaspBerry PI
  • Kyle Stainless polish
  • Erik Determine why generator starter motor does not work
  • All Install the port net
  • Kaiwen copy media to HD
  • 3rd reef practice

Boat Tasks Completed

  • X Erik, Max Install new port bilge MANUAL pump
  • X Erik, Max Install a new brush on the generator
  • X Kyle Loose cotter pin walk around
  • X Install new port bilge AUTO pump
  • X clean speed wheel
  • X Fix Owner shower switch
  • X Fix Kyle’s leak
  • X secure the old fan 12v wires, remove strings
  • X pump the dinghy (and pump out the water)
  • X solar panel scrub
  • X X Kyle corrosion spray on compressor while down below and re-ord that area
  • X Kyle downhaul re-tie (really makes ure you have a 2x bowline!)
  • X Erik Install a new winch foot switch
  • X Kaiwen propane fill
  • X Kaiwen pays bill
  • X Kaiwen Full provisioning (costco, etc)
  • X Kaiwen Take heavy stuff out of wine cabinet
  • X Kaiwen store lots of stuff under Max’s bed
  • X Kaiwen Multiple copies of crew list, boat docs (and insurance)
  • X Kaiwen really organize the salon
  • X Kaiwen find the storm clothes

Completed Pre-Sail Checklist

  • X Create manual & paper navigation plan in addition to the electronic
  • X Boom should be in the right position and make sure it is ok
  • X pump up the dingy and secure the dinghy in the back. UNplug it after lif tit
  • X Anchor- test the anchor and make sure anchor chain not tangled. Make sure the chain hook in the right place
  • X Store 2 bicycles- Before storing bicycles, check if the bicycles are working and clean the rust off the bike
  • X Secure the small dinghy
  • X Organize tools & lazerrte
  • X Full outside deck cleaning (bird poop, solar panels)
  • X Engines: check diesel, check oil, belts, transmission, clean engine room
  • X Test Navigation system, autopilot and all electrical system( depth, speed)
  • X Exchange out the water jerry jugs
  • X Top off our gasoline jerry jugs
  • X Cockpit area
  • X put all cleaning product case away and store in secure location.
  • X secure scuba tank, and make sure no tanks are loose
  • X lazarette area clean and organized
  • X make sure all tools put away , no loose items
  • X make sure all the cover shield working and clean.
  • X make sure all the rope not tangle and well organized
  • X test all the winches and the winches tools are there
  • X put away all the unnecessary items(cushion, clothes pin)
  • X take down the laundry ropes

Belize, reminder to go more slowly on the way north!

  • Gran Anguana Key
  • Tom Owens
  • Placencia
  • Cay Corker