Privacy Policy

I like transparency, and I like plainly spoken policies. And given the new GDPR data and privacy laws in Europe, I thought it would correct and nice to have a clear privacy policy.

What do I collect?

Your name and email address for the folks who want to read about Ad Astra’s Adventures.

Those who sign up will get an infrequent email from me letting them know there is a new adventure to read about. Not more than once a week, and more likely on the order of once a month or so.

What do I do with your email and name?

This blog is really a family journal and the target audience is friends and family, former and future crew. As such, there is no upselling of any products (if you see me recommending anything - it is just plain something good).

I do not use google analytics or tracking software despite being well trained in analytical marketing techniques - this is just a family journal!

  • No A/B testing of which adventures get the most comments
  • No A/B testing of the optimal number of words above the fold
  • I don’t care about time on this site, CTRs or conversions…

Because there is nothing to convert - you either want to read this stuff or not! :-)

Your email and name is safe

I use Mailchimp to send out these emails, and I use 2-factor authentication to protect my access to the account with a password generated and maintained by Dashlane. I do not have a spreadsheet of names and emails that I hand out to other people’s children to teach them Python (or mine).


This page is clearly inspired by the clean privacy policy from the web designer Harry Cresswell.