We would love to go diving with you!

The whole family dives, Erik is a SDI/TDI Instructor, Kyle is a tech diver that lasts forever with his sidemount system, and Max is so unbelievably chill under water that it is freaky.

We offer private, custom liveaboard diving experiences.

We accommodate single parties of up to four people in two cabins.  Each cabin with their own bathroom.

This means that Ad Astra is yours for your adventure, all of the luxury of a private sailing charter PLUS customized diving.

Perhaps you are a tech diver with your own rebreather or sidemount system and want to be down for 100 minutes+?  No problem.

Want to dive solo and have the skills to back it up – no problem.

Want to check out a dive site in the afternoon, have a meal and then dive the same dive as a night dive?  You got it.

Want a buddy for a wreck penetration dive, sweet!

You want a buddy for a decompression dive?  Sure – love them!

We can do what you want to do.  We are equipped with a Bauer Oceanus dive compressor, and gear for up to 8 divers.

Do not know how to dive?  We would love to teach you to dive.  Our open water course is longer and much more thorough than a typical resort course.  As Erik is a father with two boys that dive, he loves teaching children to dive.


  • $90 per day for up to three dives a day – includes air, tanks, BCDs, regulators and weights. Please bring your own mask, fins and snorkel

Dive Training

  • $750 Open Water – rigorous and custom 1:1 training for at least 6 dives across 4 days
  • $400 Advanced Adventure Diver – 5 different dives: Advanced Buoyancy, Deep, U/W Navigation, Night, Wreck/Search
  • $250 Sidemount – learn to dive with two tanks for the ultimate in self-reliance, safety and being a better buddy
  • $150 TDI Nitrox – learn to dive with Nitrox mixtures to 40% O2. Enables longer bottom times and faster surface intervals
  • $400 Rescue – learn Rescue diving techniques to take care of yourself and your buddies, requirement for Dive Master
  • Ask about other available speciality courses