Sandy Island

Ad Astra’s Log
Wednesday November 23rd, 2016

Sandy Island, Carriacou 12°29.1'N, 61°28.9'W

Sandy Island

Crew: Erik, Kaiwen, Kyle, Max and Sue-quei. Everyone is healthy and happy, except Sue-quei has developed some sort of rash on the palms of her hands. We are trying anti-bacterial and anti-fungals, as well as keeping them dry and getting some UV on the hands.

Ad Astra: All major systems operating well: diesel engines are running fine and both fuel tanks have over 7/8ths of tank, water maker is happily keeping the tanks full, but Kyle needs to replace the 5 and 20 micron filters tomorrow. Solar panels are putting out plenty of power, we literally run the the ice maker all day as well as the inverter for the laptops and tablets. Even with rain we have been getting through the night with still 12.3v on the dodgy house batteries by morning.

Yesterday was the first day we sailed Ad Astra with the new 2kw Solar system.  Guess what?  PLENTY of power! 🙂 With the auto-pilot on (10 amps), we still fed the fridges, inverter for the macs, and the ice maker – and the batteries were full.


In the afternoon we went for a snorkel and I was very surprised and excited to see two large Spotted Eagle Rays patrolling under our boat.  These two almost entirely eclipsed the two large Southern Stingrays who were also patrolling.  Our school of baby Sergent Majors that seem to live inside of our sail drive cavity were present, but also apparantly being chomped by the next size up the food chain.

It is evening now, and we never lowered Exit Strategy all day…

Minor Boat List:
Clean the bilges
Scrape the bottom (Ad Astra)
Install the stern running light on the new arch
Re-install the bow-sprit (to sail the Gennaker)
Scrape the bottom (Exit Strategy < the dinghy)
Pick up SCUBA bottle holders and sacrificial windlass clamps from Technik
Replace Max’s cabin fan
Glue on Oar lock and fit oars into Exit Strategy

Later in December, the Boat list for Bequia
Wire up the 8th solar panel
Empty the oil & oil filter, pull the generator, open the oil sump, remove remnant dipstick
Solder in new water resistant fuse holders for the Generator’s secondary fuel pump
Load test the house batteries 1 by 1
Take on the 2nd main anchor from Kerry
Offload the Yanmar diesel spare engine for Kerry
Offload the Yamaha 15 HP outboard for Kerry
Get canvas for the dinghy
Get the mesh net for the new rear lounge area
Put bumper on Dinghy
Fill-in our sugar scoop dings

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